Lifestyle Change – The Key to Healthy Living

The causes of diseases are drastically shifting from infectious to lifestyle causes. Previously, the top cause of mortality in different countries was due to microorganisms. Nowadays, you seldom see people dying of cholera, tuberculosis and chicken pox. What you can see are people dying of heart attack, cancer and diabetes. If you are wondering what brought about this change, here are some possible reasons.

Change in Diet

Wrong diet is the primary cause of the development of illnesses. Although the genes have their impact, you can prevent the coding of the genetic abnormality with a proper diet. Because of today’s busy and fast-paced lifestyle, more fast food chains are increasing, instant meals are becoming more popular and preserved foods are more appealing. Instead of the traditional way of preparing meals, many families resort to take-outs. The high fat, sodium and sugar content of the food causes the prevalence of many diseases today. Cancer may be due to toxin accumulation, diabetes to the high sugar meals, and heart problems to the meal preparation and food preferences.

Reduced Activity

Although you can say that you have a busy schedule, if you try to analyze your daily activities, they are all under the sedentary category. You may feel the exhaustion, but it is more from the mental work. You sit all day in your office receiving calls, analyzing your subordinates’ report or meeting up with your business partners. All of these activities have minimal physical work. They do not burn enough energy. As a result, you end up gaining weight every day.

Keep in mind that healthy lifestyle starts with proper diet and exercise. Even with your busy schedule, try to find ways to burn fats. If you want to live longer, adopt a healthy lifestyle. Go back to the old ways of eating home-prepared meals and allow your bones and muscles to move.