Is Your Social Lifestyle at Risk of Becoming a Digital Lifestyle?

Are you suffering from information overload? Do you have an Inbox that is sagging with unread emails? Do you have folders that contain messages that you have flagged as ‘must get to one day’? If this is you, then follow these tips to simplify your digital life style before it takes over your family and social lifestyle.

Tip 1 – Unsubscribe from those e-mail lists

How many of these subscriptions do you actually read and act upon? I have just deleted two folders with approximately 670 messages in each which was the accumulation of a weekly e-mail from two different sources over the past 5 years! I believed I would actually read these from start to finish! How wrong was I! Stop fooling yourself into believing you will read and act upon these subscriptions. You won’t, so don’t. Delete all those filed messages you have never read and never will read.

Tip 2 – Search, don’t file

There are fantastic search engines available today. The standard Internet based engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, but indexed search capability for applications and desktops as well. If you want current information, don’t save it. Search for it. Not only will this reduce the exponential growth of duplicate information but you can be assured the information you are searching for is relevant and current as well.

Tip 3 – Don’t clutter your life with Twitter if you don’t need to!

Who actually cares what you are doing every second of the day? Use Twitter sparingly and your followers will value your tweets more. If you already have a busy lifestyle with family, work, sports and social events don’t digitize it further with meaningless tweets on every second of your day!

Tip 4 – Technology free Fridays

Choose a day and make it e-mail free. Any day will do. Or phone someone instead of TXTing. How often do you e-mail someone who is sitting next to you? Or have an ongoing conversation on e-mail or TXT messages. Declare a technology free day and re-ignite the social interactions that have been diminishing because of technology. Make a point of going to see the person you would normally e-mail and engage in a verbal conversation. Save space, be green, create and keep personal relationships and verbal conversation alive!

Tip 5 – Do you love your computer more than your partner?

Do you spend more time on your computer than with your partner? Do you prefer the company of your electronic friends more than your family? Set aside time for both. Don’t let one overtake the other. Leave your phone at home, or in your bag. Don’t put it on the desk and pick it up every couple of minute to see who has e-mailed you or TXT’ed you.

Follow these simple tips and you will ensure that you control technology instead of technology controlling your lifestyle.