Is the Male Chastity Lifestyle Right For You?

Hi. My name is Mistress Sara and I decided to write this article because I’m a firm believer that the male chastity lifestyle can bring a lot of added benefits to most, if not all, relationships.

Male chastity has become very popular over the years, as many women become frustrated with their husbands and their marriages and are looking for practical solutions to save their relationships.

They need romance in their lives; they are tired of their husbands ignoring them, not helping around the house and they’ve noticed their sex life has diminished after the honeymoon.

They want to get back the man they fell in love with when they were dating. A chastity lifestyle can offer the solution. The basic problem with most heterosexual relationships is that men have little to no self-control.

You may be shocked to find this out, but one of the main reasons your sex life is suffering is probably because your husband is using up all his sexual energy masturbating instead of making love to you. Worse still, he’s probably also looking at porn and thinking about other women when he does so.

That’s unacceptable; but, most men can’t help themselves. When you put your man in male chastity, he loses this option and therefore all his sexual energy is once again directed toward you.

Today, I want to provide you with some advice on how you can tell if male chastity is right for your marriage.

If you are a man:

o Do you masturbate more than once a week? If so, this is an indication of addictive behavior. Does your wife know your masturbate? Do you lie about how often you masturbate? Doesn’t your masturbation make you feel ashamed? Again, these are all signs of addiction; you need to stop it – and a chastity lifestyle may be the only way to break this destructive cycle.

o Do you have roughly the same number of orgasms or more orgasms than your wife does? If so, this is a bad thing. Women need more orgasms then men. In fact, your wife should be having at least three to six orgasms for every one you have. If this is not the case, then you need to be under lock and key to control yourself.

o Do you still do romantic things, like take her out to dinner and bring her flowers? If not, your masturbation is causing you to take her for granted, and you need male chastity.

o Do you love your wife? If you do, then you know that your behavior is hurting her. So, why not take action by giving her the keys to your privates so that you can start becoming a better husband?

o Have you ever been tempted to have an affair? Then get locked up right away before you give in and destroy your marriage.

If you are a woman:

o Does your husband admit that he masturbates? If he says he doesn’t, he is lying to you – and lies are destructive to a marriage. Male chastity will put a stop to his masturbation and his lies.

o Does he have a roving eye? Lock him up before he has the chance to stray.

o Has the romance gone out of your marriage? His penile prison will bring it back right away.

o Does he make love to you three or more times a week? If not, he’s wasting his libido on masturbation. Put a stop to it.

o Is he helpful around the house? He will be once he’s under lock and key.

o Do you want better sex and more orgasms? Male chastity will make this a reality.

o Is there a computer in is office? If so, he’s wasting time that could have been spent on you by looking at and reading porn. That’s no different than infidelity, and there is no reason you should put up with it.

o Is your marriage important to you? If so, why wouldn’t you use male chastity to improve it and finally have the husband you’ve always wanted?