Romanians Love their Chicken Meat

As it is known already that the traditional and customary Romanian diet has always been based on meat. Poultry meat sector in Romania has now capitalized greatly into it being modernized. Romania’s poultry segment has seen an increase lately after it’s joining European Union in the year 2007. Modernization and newer strategies have to a great extent been able to help recover the industry much faster than other meat sectors during the down period also. Poultry meat segment remains divided into firstly Large-scale integrated units and secondly numerous small-scale domestic producers. Of which the second group production is mainly to fulfill the household consumption, of which the surplus production is set for local market.

Evolution of Poultry Farming Industry in Romania

Since the past twenty-five years the poultry industry in Romania has changed completely. With the modern-day technology usage in the farming the farm owner now might reside in a close proximity to their farm also having the farm directly connected to internet which could alert the owner in case of any possible risk involved.

The grower can expect a good return on investment if he follows certain important segments while in Poultry meat sector in Romania.

  • Creating the ideal environment for the chickens to grow is extremely important. With good air quality beside a perfect temperature will provide comfort to the bird. In the event of weather change (turning cold), it is important to make sure a constant and good quality air being supplied throughout.
  • Investing in an adequate and good quality equipment’s will help the farmer in long run to continue to provide proper amount environment and air quality to the bird.
  • Most importantly it is required to maintain hygiene and an organized approach while doing the business.

One of the main reasons the chickens are grown in a controlled environment is the occurrence of the bacteria ‘salmonella’ in the chickens in an unprotected habitat. Salmonella has been known to cause dangerous infections in the intestinal tracts of a human that can be lethal at times.

Distribution and sale of meat products happens through stores in particularly set up for meat sales or via food stores. Whereas some of the large-scale producers would rely on their own supply set ups reaching out to the consumers. This integration also ensures that there is proper quality check and hygiene being maintained for the products in the market.

The presence of an organized market ensures a high amalgamation of enterprises that supplied products. This is one of the major strengths in the industry of chicken meat Romania.