Feather River Health Center: Facility in Paradise

ENGIE North America, Adventist Health and the Feather River Health Center in Paradise (California) have completed a microgrid. This microgrid is one of a growing number in California’s health care microgrids.

The microgrid has 1 MWh energy storage and 425kW of solar power capacity. The microgrid is designed for independent operation and will provide continuous medical services at the hospital even during blackouts or public safety power shutoffs. These are outages caused by utility companies to prevent wildfires.

The Adventist Health Feather River Health Center, located approximately 100 miles north from Sacramento, California, encompass health columbia sc was badly damaged by the 2018 Camp Fire. It is the worst wildfire in California history.

ENGIE North America, which has a generator permanently installed at the hospital and solar energy production on site, has contributed to building resilience in an area that is at high risk.

The Feather River Health Care Facility can now seamlessly convert its energy use into stored electricity in the event of a power outage. This takes less than one second.

  • The hospital can now access reliable, clean energy for emergency situations
  • California’s wildfires, new incentives and regulatory drivers have led to a surge in microgrid development.

Are you interested in microgrids as a means of improving health care? Microgrid 2021 is a virtual event. It will feature two California hospital-based microgrid projects. One at the San Benito Community Clinic in May 11, and one at Kaiser Permanente in Ontario. The other will be discussed at 11 a.m. on June 3. Register in advance to receive free admission to Microgrid 2021. Register early as space is limited on the online platform.

Adventist Feather river Health Center system is reopened after being ravaged by a camp fire

Adventist Health, Paradise, California, is slowly healing from the devastating Camp wildfire fire last month. Thursday’s ribbon cutting ceremony marked the opening of Feather River Health Center. Attended were the mayor of Paradise, the chamber of commerce, and many community members. Officials reopened the road to this section of Skyway, which was a major conduit into and out of the city.

Adventist Feather river’s largest clinic, the health center, is also one of Paradise’s first businesses. Mid-November saw the Chico and Corning clinics open again.

This clinic provides many services such as anti-coagulation and behavioral health, dental, otolaryngology. endocrinology. family medicine. gastroenterology. general surgery. healthy mothers. internal medicine. laboratory services. medical imaging. medical imaging. medical imaging. pediatrics. pharmacy. physical therapy. podiatry. psychiatry. pulmonology. telemedicine. women’s health services.

According to an Adventist Feather River Health Center statement, it will take longer for the campus to recover from the fire damage. Although some buildings were spared the worst of the damage, it will take longer for the infrastructure, clean-up, and population to be restored to the hospital.