The 4 Hour Chef: The Simple Path to Cooking Like a Pro, Learning Anything, and Living the Good Life

The 4 Hour Chef is exactly that, a 4 hour guide to the fastest, best, easiest and simplest cooking techniques because they were designed by those who have cooked for years, yet have to cook fast. Real chefs own restaurants, with the main reason the control over the kitchen and the food output. The flavor combination of the foods you are wanting to enjoy are varied, which is overlooked when most people cook. Food has to be timed perfectly to present to the hungry while everything is hot, or cold, pending the nature of the dish. Before you take a bite, let us delve more into the process of becoming a pro chef in just 4 hours time.

Over time, a great chef learns the basics of cooking. Just like a football game is 4 hours, the actual playing time is closer to 17 minutes, the actual knowledge you need to learn to cook can be had in 4 hours. Of the dozens of ways to slice and dice, most cooking doesn’t keep the food looking the same once it is plated. Therefore, you only need to learn a few simple ways to cut vegetables, fruits, and meats.

After everything has been prepared, cookware and temperature will be assembled to cook the food correctly. Your cookware has to be varied, yet there is a secret. NEVER use any cookware a second time once a food has been cooked in it to completion. You heard it here first because many other advantages will be explained as you continue to enjoy the 4 Hour Chef. But you want to know why not to cook more food in a once-used pot or pan. The reason is simple. The food left a flavor in the pot or pan, which you don’t want to mix with another food. Plus, the oils you used have been set into the bottom which will only burn when you put the second food into the pot or pan. Simple idea, we know, but have you ever in your life put a pot or pan to the side because of this situation?

Utensils, including thermometers, can be found in most stores, and you will only need a handful for them to dance with your pots or pans. The most expensive aren’t listed, but neither are the cheapest. You want value and we scoured (pardon the pun) the available offerings and came up with suggestions you will appreciate. After all, you are wanting to learn fast, but continue to use the utensils and knowledge for years to come.

Finally, you will learn the tricks of the trade to plate the foods you cook. Style, location, texture, color and presentation are all key to making your food output like those in a 5 star restaurant. (5 stars out of 5 stars. We have in production a book called The 6 Minute Cook that will have you cooking like a.5 out of 5 star even faster, but that book is for the fast food crowd.) One more secret until you receive your copy of The 4 Hour Chef. When you plate a salad, stack the salad as high as possible. For a salad with any type of meat, put the meat in the middle and stack up the lettuce to make the salad look tall and powerful. Putting the dressing on the side will keep all the colors bold and colorful to entice the eyes into seeing more than what is there. It is salad, right?

Don’t worry about forgetting everything you learned in 4 hours because there will be several pages with the highlights to help cement what you learned so you can begin enjoying the good life. You don’t need to spend years studying for what you do every day. The 4 Hour Chef is a guide to bring you to the top level of the food industry. Your family and friends will notice the difference in your cooking style and speed, which they will love. And what they love, you love.