Strategies to Survive Drug Detox

Are you ready to stop using drugs? Detoxification is the first step in getting clean.

The process of getting rid of drugs from your body and mind is called detox. Detoxification can take anywhere from five to ten days for most people. The goal is to get rid of all trace of the substance. If you are addicted to drugs, detoxing is not an easy process. It can also be very dangerous.

Check into a certified detox center

It is not safe to quit cold turkey. There are some drugs that can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as heroin and opioids. During detox, people who drink alcohol are at high risk for deadly seizures. It is possible to succumb to drug cravings or overdose accidentally. Look for a detox center near you. The staff at rehab centers are available 24/7 to help you. To make drug detox more manageable, doctors may prescribe medications.

Maintain a healthy diet

Your entire digestive system will be affected by drug withdrawal. It is not uncommon to feel nauseated, throw up, or have diarrhea. Eat healthy food even if you don’t feel hungry. To detox, your body needs nutrients such as vitamin C and niacin. Every day, consume five cups of fruits and vegetables. Get your five cups of fruit and vegetables each day. Just like the flu, chicken soup can help with drug detox. You will feel happier if you eat chocolate.

Get more water

Water helps to flush out drug toxins faster. Your liver and organs need plenty of fluids to detox. Water loss from vomiting or diarrhea must be replenished. Detox patients may experience severe sweating and runny noses. The body can be cooled by drinking colder water. To properly hydrate, drink around 100 ounces of water or 12 cups per day. Drinking water from fruits, teas, coffees, and low-sugar drinks will also provide H20.

Keep active

You may feel the need to cry during drug detox. Although it can be difficult, you can make it through. You can get through it by doing low-intensity, regular exercise. Dopamine, a happy hormone that makes you feel good, can be released by getting your blood pumping. Take a moderate walk or go on a hike. You can swim laps in the pool at the detox center. Play friendly basketball or kickball. If you feel the urge to eat, do some squats and lunges. You can distract yourself by moving around and keep you from wallowing.

Breathing exercises can be practiced

When you inhale deeply, your lungs contain stretch receptors. These help to suppress nerve impulses. Every exhale releases toxins and stress. The drug detox process will be accelerated if you get more oxygen to your cells. Start by getting comfortable in a quiet place. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Deeply breathe in through your nose, to your diaphragm. For seven seconds, hold the breath and then push it out for eight seconds. To sleep better, take deep breaths 10 minutes before bedtime.

Lean on your support network

It’s okay to need help. Do not try to convince detox center staff to stop trying to console you. Doctors, nurses, psychologists, or any other clinicians will do what is best for you. They are available for friendly, non-judgmental conversations. Talk about your pain and emotions. Talk about your anger and frustration. Talk to your family members if possible. Talk to your parents, siblings, spouse or best friend about how you are doing. You can also write an old-fashioned note to send your message.