GumPick, Gum Stimulator

Brushing your teeth is a vital routine in your daily dental care; however, there is part of the oral health equation. Good oral hygiene is more than teeth cleaning. Gum health is often overlooked; finding the right tools to keep your gums healthy is one step closer to healthy oral care. To avoid gum disease, it’s time to introduce GumPick to your daily routine.

What is GumPick?

A GumPick is a healthy oral tool designed to improve the blood flow in your gum tissue. GumPick is a gum stimulator that is used to remove food particles and plaque lodged between the teeth and gums. This dental tool is used to gently massage your gums to increase blood flow and oxygen to your gums resulting in natural and optimal gum care.

Why Should I use GumPick?

Gum cleaning and brushing should be your daily routine for your oral health. GumPick is time efficient and multipurpose tool that improves your overall oral health. This tool is designed primarily to stimulate and strengthen the gum tissue and also it helps to prevent cavity by the removal of food and plaque.

What are the benefits of GumPick?

People with weak and unhealthy gums, a gum simulation helps to strengthen and firm your gum tissue. By rubbing below the gum line, oxygen passes the periodontal pocket. A harmful bacteria that cause periodontitis will not survive the contact with oxygen.  There are many benefits of GumPick and here are some of them:

  • GumPick helps to clean your gums
  • It prevents tooth cavities
  • It assists in preventing gum diseases
  • GumPick removes plaque
  • It helps to get rid of hard to reach food particles

What is Rubber Tipping?

Rubber tipping is an important technique that strengthens and maintains gum health. Use GumPick and a handheld dental instrument to gently massage the gum to clean away plaque and increase the blood flow and oxygen flow to the gums to help in fighting infections. Simply apply pressure to the gums. Combine brushing and flossing with GumPick to help to clean your gums effectively.

What makes GumPick stand out from the other ordinary Gum Stimulators?

Gum stimulator is a tool; this tool does not get as much attention as the toothbrush and floss. However, gum stimulators play a critical role in keeping our teeth clean and your mouth healthy. GumPick has unique features that stand out from the other gum stimulators:

  • The GumPick tips are easy to install and also to remove. The tips are firmly in place while using.
  • With multi-color tips, users can distinguish their GumPick
  • The Handles are ergonomically designed for better grip and hygiene
  • The GumPick is small in size, and the user can conveniently travel with it without any difficulties. It recommends buying one for your home and another for your travels.

Environmental commitments

  • GumPick is made with a long-lasting design; their handles are durable and can be used for many years.
  • The rubber tips are environmentally friendly with reusable materials, and they can be recycled.