Rotisserie Cooking Is Popular Again – What’s Causing the Resurgence in Rotisserie Cooking?

Do you find it a challenge to think about what to cook for large family gatherings? Does the thought of having all your family around at once cause you to panic about catering? Perhaps you should be looking at one of the latest trends. Rotisserie Cooking.

“Rotisserie cooking?” I hear you say. “My mother used to have a rotisserie when we were kids.”

Yes. Well. You know what they say, everything old is new again. And the new item on the block at the moment is rotisserie cooking.

So what is it about rotisserie cooking that has caused a renewal in popularity?

I think there are a number of reasons. Rotisserie cooking is:

• Easy. You can just set it and walk away.

• Great for entertainment, you have time to enjoy the company of your guests while at the same time preparing a meal.

• Slow cooking. This means that the meat is cooked slowly which improves the texture particularly in less expensive cuts of meat.

• Cheaper. Because you can safely use cheaper cuts of meat, cooking for a crowd is less expensive and just as tasty.

• Suitable for one or two, but can also be suitable for a crowd. This type of cooking developed from the need to serve large quantities of people at once. And that meant being able to cook the whole animal at the same time.

• A low-fat cooking method. The way the meat is cooked means that the naturally occurring fat drips from the meat during the cooking process. There is no fat needed to cook the meat, so it is virtually fat-free, certainly no added fat.

So as you can see there are many reasons why rotisserie cooking is having a revival in popularity. Then of course there is also the availability of the new compact machines.

In the past they were large outdoor contraptions, usually rigged up by the man of the house over an open-pit fire or barbeque for some outdoor occasion.

Children had to be kept clear due to the nature of the fire, and as the fat dripped from the joint of meat you had to be careful that the dripping fat didn’t catch fire. From time to time people would get injured which would put a damper on the whole occasion.

No longer! The new generation rotisserie cookers come in all shapes and sizes and are suitable for all budgets. If you have a high-end cooker you can get a spit for those cookers to enable you to use your oven as a rotisserie.

You can buy bench top rotisseries that are suitable for smaller joints of meat, and you can also get larger outdoor machines for large parties and functions.

So now you know why this type of cooking is undergoing a revival in popularity. There is something for everyone with rotisserie cooking. You can spend as much or as little as you like and you can go as large or as small as you want.