How To Save Money On Health Care

Research estimates show that 85% of Americans will experience back and neck pain sometime in their life, that is debilitating enough to consider them unfit for work. Losing out on sick days, if a person is suffering acute or chronic pain, it’s usual for that employee to call in sick at least 19 or more days out of the year. Not only is it bad for the rest of the team to have a co-worker missing, but it’s awful for the person suffering and usually will affect their paycheck making it a lose-lose situation for everyone else too.

Back Pain Can Be The End Of A Job

 For those who work in a profession where standing and lifting all day is mandatory, it’s vital to take care of the spine. A general medical doctor is typically not an expert on every symptom or disease of the body and may have less knowledge and skills on ways to treat the spine and avoid experimental and invasive surgeries. General doctors will suggest pain killers and muscle relaxers get by until the pain goes away.

What If The Pain Never Stops?

Sometimes the pain doesn’t go away because the reasons and causes are not addressed and corrected by the doctor. If you continue to suffer, then a doctor may soon suggest surgeries that may or may not relieve chronic pain, which is why some medical procedures are referred to as experimental surgery. Experimental operations have a slight chance of not working well or triggering other medical issues from the side effects of recovery. In some cases, recovery after surgery to the shoulder or knee could take up to an entire year to be considered for recovery status. You may feel that seeing a chiropractor in Brookhaven, GA often is expensive, but when you compare the expense of a surgical procedure in comparison to a chiropractic treatment plan, you will see the savings is in how much risk you’re avoiding through the natural care of a spinal expert.

Chiropractors Address The Root Of The Problem

Taking a prescribed painkiller for short-term or long-term problems, instead of finding ways to alleviate chronic or acute pain naturally is one of the downfalls of the high expense of health insurance. To avoid possible surgery and reduce debilitating and persistent pain you should try noninvasive therapies first. In many cases, patients find that visiting a chiropractor helped them recover and avoid the surgeries and medications the doctor recommended. Seeing a chiropractor for a recovery treatment plan can help you save thousands of dollars in cases in which surgery can be avoided, it’s best to try the holistic approach to recovery before trying to find relief by going under the knife. Save money and your spine by seeing a chiropractor that specializes in occupational and sports injuries and save up to 40% on your yearly health care costs.