Solar Cooking – A Multi-Coloured Difference Using an IDCOOK Funky Solar Cooker

As most people are aware solar cooking is a rugged pursuit favoured by survivalists and off the grid specialists all over the globe. Clearly a minimalistic approach coupled with a dogged determination to cook in even the most of extreme circumstances would exclude all but the most serious of solar chefs, right? Wrong!

Enter IDCOOK France, a company, part of SUNITED, a group specializing in solar power and solar ovens, that has managed to combine innovation, colour, technology and fun in a unique and somewhat off-the-wall offering to the market that is, well, unique to say the least.

Want a green parabolic solar cooker that represents the ultimate in mobility, cooks in exceptional fashion and looks really cool, pardon the reverse pun, than you and IDCOOK have a lot in common. Fundamentally they bring two solar cooker models to the market, the classic parabolic solar cooker and the classic solar box oven. The difference is the innovative design and appearance of both. If you like solar cooking in funky green or deep blue then these solar cookers will resonate well with you.

In essence they have developed a comprehensive range of innovative, energy-efficient, high-tech, solar-powered solar cookers. If colour-coding combined with eco-friendly appeals to you, and convenience is your middle name, then these solar cooking gadgets have your name on them. I have no doubt that even Huckleberry Finn floating down the Mississippi, pursuing the usual assortment of catfish on a sun-drenched day, would have approved of one of the IDCOOK solar ovens or solar barbecues.

The unique features of these solar cookers include:

  • A handy carry bag for the disassembled components
  • A fast and easy sequential assembly of the apparatus
  • A robust, long-lasting yet flexible design
  • An eye-catching appearance
  • Can be used anywhere, at home or on the move, hiking, picnics, beach visits, fishing etc
  • Solar cookers that employ the concentrated solar power approach to focus the renewable energy of the sun on cooking
  • Various cooking options including frying, barbecuing, boiling and wok-cooking
  • Use more than one pot and/ or pan simultaneously
  • Optimization of the genuine flavours of freshly prepared food, while preserving all the nutrients.
  • And most important of all, a quick and highly efficient cooking capacity
  • Generate a cooking heat of 200°C or higher
  • A selection of either the COOKUP INOX, COOKUP 200, SOLAR COOKING KIT or SUNCOOK + solar cookers.

Does cooking with a difference makes sense to you? Want a funky, vibrant, colourful solar appliance that cooks your food fast and literally at no cost, using only the energy of the sun? Does mobility and ease-of-use appeal to you? Then look no further than IDCOOK and their unique range of solar cookers.