Free Fitness Programs That You Can Do at Home Today

There are plenty of free fitness programs to choose from but you do need to plan your workout carefully to have something that suits you. Your program will determine how quickly and effectively you can reach your goals.

The most important thing is that it should be as simple and as fun as possible, while being well suited to your fitness levels and preferences and of course your time schedule is crucial.

You can pick out different fitness programs to include in your workout routine either online or by watching DVDs. It is a good idea to have some different and not do exactly the same exercise day after day. You want to be sure you are not working only a few muscle groups. You can either do a special workout routine for a few weeks and then change to another free fitness program.

Choose a time to exercise that suits your schedule and then follow it. with this schedule you should not be constantly changing. It is best to go for the same time every day, but do not over do it even 2 times a week can be enough.

Most people prefer to work out first thing in the morning. It is a great way to wake up. But if this does not suit you, go for later in the day, but always wait at least 2 hours after eating. It is hard to do a fitness program in the morning.

A good fitness exercise program will last for about 30-45 minutes. You can include 10-15 minutes of stretching and warm-up exercises, followed by 15-25 minutes of fitness exercise program and 5 minutes of cool-down.

As an example the aerobic fitness exercise program could be done on home gym equipment such as a treadmill or exercise cycle or you could run or cycle outdoors.You do not even need equipment, there are several great free fitness programs that you can use. If you like dance or just walking, do it. Step aerobics is another option. Alternatively, the stairs in your house or apartment block can be very effective aerobic exercise equipment without spending a dime.

The key here is to choose something that you enjoy and if you do not know yet see if you find a free fitness program that is good for you. Also, do not forget to check with your doctor that your program is suitable for your level of health and fitness, if you are fit it does not matter.

Variation is important for emotional reasons too. Do what is fun for you, even if sometimes you do not have fun which is normal in my opinion. So if you like cycling, you may want to cycle outdoors in good weather or indoors when it rains. To increase the variety, a few times a week you could do some muscle building training, instead of other training exercises like walking or cycling.