Franchisee in Action – JaxQuick Fit – Scott Cannard

When I initially contacted Scott Cannard at his JaxQuick Fit Franchise, my first reaction was, ‘Wow! This is a busy guy who’s really on the move and yet he still makes the time to chat and even have a laugh or two.’ I found Scott to be one of the most cheerful, easygoing Franchisees I’ve ever interviewed. This certainly has to be a reflection on his contented and successful working and family life. Scott is admired amongst his peers and the community for being a respected Franchisee owner who works hard and is dedicated to his business but at the same time, is just one of the boys. He’s never too busy to listen to your needs and he will go out of his way to ensure his customers are completely satisfied with their JaxQuick Fit service. After all, he wants you to come back.

32 year old Scott Cannard opened his JaxQuick Fit tyre franchise located in Hoppers Crossing, on July 1st this year. The store itself had already been established in 2000 making Scott’s takeover relatively problem free. Having been in the vehicle maintenance industry for over twelve years in the role of manager, Scott’s purchase of his own JaxQuick Fit franchise was just another step on his projected road to success.

‘My goals were and still are to strive for success in my business, to build a successful and marketable business for my family and myself and to provide quality products and services to my clientele.’

Ensuring that he had done his research, Scott felt confident in knowing that a JaxQuick Fit was the one Franchise that suited his expertise and knowledge in the vehicle maintenance industry and even though he has owned his Franchise for only a short period, it is already showing promising signs of becoming a complete success. ‘I have always wanted to run a Franchise like JaxQuick Fit. I love the industry and the ongoing support and resources available for Franchisees by the JaxQuick Fit Head Office, is great.’

Initially requiring some financial assistance, Scott found the potentially overwhelming set up of his JaxQuick Fit, surprisingly easy.

Hoppers Crossing is Scott’s hometown where he is a well known figure in the community. He can be seen routinely playing golf at the local golf course and is a regular supporter of the local RAF base, the local football club and a few local primary schools. Scott happily offers JaxQuick Fit discounts and vouchers to all of his business supporters.

Scott’s Quick Fit is relatively close to his home saving him traveling time to work and allowing him more time to spend with his wife and ‘fantastic’ son. ‘I love spending time with my family and catching up with my friends, playing golf and watching football. The store is only twenty minutes from home. Running a Franchise can be demanding of your time so living nearby is beneficial. You have to learn to manage and find ways to free up your time accordingly so it is conducive to a happy life.’

The location of Scott’s store has also been a major bonus as well. Scott’s JaxQuick Fit tyre is directly across the street from a major shopping complex making it easy for his customers when they have to leave their vehicles for a short period. The Franchise is also close to the local train station and a bus stop is located directly out front.

Loving what you do for a living is a definite advantage. ‘I love working with cars and I thoroughly enjoy dealing with the public. JaxQuick Fit stores naturally provide a friendly atmosphere to work in.’ Scott’s biggest learning experience so far has been learning to deal with different types of people and working with staff.

What sold Scott on purchasing a JaxQuick Fit was Jax’s unique and innovative concept of combining your tyre needs with an entire range of vehicle maintenance extras making Jax a convenient one stop shop for all your vehicle needs.

‘What attracts customers and potential Franchisees to a JaxQuick Fit store is the fact that Jax’s is an independent tyre and mechanical store offering a wide range of product names. Competitive prices are offered in a friendly, relaxed environment and the range of services JaxQuick Fit offers ensures that the customers’ needs are fully met. Franchisees are attracted by the fantastic buying power that JaxQuick Fit have with their suppliers as well as the support that is offered by head office to both new and existing Franchise owners.’

The marketing and advertising campaigns are vital in maintaining the guaranteed success of your JaxQuick Fit Franchise.

‘What makes us different from our competition is we offer mechanical work, where many other similar businesses in the area do not. Our products and services are more competitively priced and we have a greater access to a wider range.’

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Scott. He guarantees you won’t be disappointed when you visit his Franchise. He will go out of his way to ensure your experience at his JaxQuick Fit will be satisfying. You won’t want to go anywhere else for your tyre and car maintenance needs. ‘The exciting aspects of this business are that I am constantly challenging myself to do bigger and better things every day, and to see our customers leave happy and reassured that they have been looked after to the best of our abilities.’

‘The challenges and exciting aspects of this business are to ensure at all times that our customers’ expectations have been fully met. Customer satisfaction, remaining competitive and the ongoing encouragement to succeed and remain on top of the competition while at the same time building up a great customer rapport and establishing a proud community based business, is what owning a JaxQuick Fit, is all about.’

‘I would like to add that so far all of my expectations of becoming a JaxQuick Fit Franchise owner have been met. I am fortunate enough to also have several enthusiastic, hard working, dedicated and knowledgeable staff working for me.’

Scott is a young man bound for a successful future. ‘My expansion plans are to ideally be the owner of several franchises over the next ten years.’

Scott understands the combined concept of hard work and dedication is the key to any successful undertaking. Having a wonderful, supportive family behind him, Scott, over the years, has built up a loyal customer base, which has become the sturdy foundation to his overall commendable accomplishments. ‘I attribute my success to the contacts that I have built up over the past ten years from managing various other stores, the dedication and hard work I commit myself to every day, the rapport I have with existing and new customers, and the support, understanding and encouragement of my family.’