Fat to Fit Workout – Is the Fat to Fit Book Worth Buying?

The Fat to fit workout is relatively new e-book written by Ray Burton, a former Canadian soldier and qualified fitness instructor. The book is one of a few products that he has out in the public domain at the moment. His other titles include Build Muscle Fast, and also Hardgainer Six Pack abs.

The fat to fit workout as a pose to Ray’s other titles is aimed at people who are looking for a more general fitness programme that covers all of the topics of weight loss and fitness. Because of this the book, videos and podcasts cover’s a wide variety of topics including nutrition, motivation, and exercise techniques and fitness plans.

Now the fat to fit workout is not going to be for everyone, for one reason only and that is purely motivation. Fat to fit dedicates a whole chapter to motivating yourself and taking action, and the author makes it clear in no uncertain terms that if you can not motivate yourself then this workout plan is probably not going to be the best approach for you. Fat to fit does make a sustained effort throughout to motivate the reader with examples and quotes that are compiled from his years of teaching in the subject of fitness, but the best option for some people is going to be to hire a personal trainer to motivate and push them.

That being said the Fat to fit workout does contain a lot of information that would easily allow a novice to lose weight if they where willing to take action and put the routines into action. What the fat to fit book does particularly well is actually teach the reader how weight loss works, encouraging the reader to see the bigger picture as a pose to trying diet or fitness fad after fitness fad.

Ray provides detailed information on when to eat the different food types as a pose to following rigid diets, and also deals with calorie intake recommendations, which when all combined with the different workout plans will provide the reader with the tools that they need to lose weight if they take action.