Reasons to Choose Induction Cook Tops and Cookers Over Other Options

Induction cookers and induction cook tops are one of the new cooking methods that are replacing other cooking options very quickly. There are many benefits and advantages over conventional gas flame and electric cookers. Hence this technology is gaining popularity all over the globe and many people are shifting from traditional cooking method to this technology. The basic technology used in induction heating and benefits of induction cookware are listed below.

Induction Cooking Technology:

In traditional cooking method heat is transferred from electrical coils or flames used in burning gas. On the other hand, in induction heating, heat is directly transferred to a cooking vessel. This saves loss of energy. The cooking vessel used is ferromagnetic in nature. When conductive ferromagnetic pot is brought to cooking surface and the electricity is started, the magnetic field induces electric current (also called eddy current). This further produces heat and thus heats the pot. While the current used is large, it is produced by using small voltage.

Benefits of Induction Cookers

  • It provides rapid heating compared to other options
  • The amount of heating can be controlled easily with preset options or manual options precisely
  • Since there are no flames, induction cookers are safer compared to gas burners
  • Since only the cooking vessels generate heat, the induction pan is not hotter than vessel.
  • This also saves electric energy as well as heat energy which is usually wasted in other cooking options
  • Induction cookers start only when it detects a ferromagnetic cookware (utensils made of stainless steel or cast iron). This helps to keep cookware to a minimal heat option
  • Induction cookers turns off automatically when the vessel is removed. This helps in saving unused electricity and there is minimal waste of heat
  • These are more portable and easy to clean compared to traditional cookware which are made of several component and are bulky to carry
  • Compared to traditional cooking method, there is least chances of fire accidents, electrocution or other dangers when an induction cookware is used.