Chocolate Heart Mold

The giant silicone chocolate heart molds are very popular right now. I decided to make one. It’s no secret that I love chocolate. These hearts look great in chocolate heart mold white and pink chocolate. These hearts make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Amazon shipped my silicone heart mold. The silicone mold is very easy to use, and it’s more flexible than other ones I’ve seen.

Some people have difficulty removing chocolate from their molds, I’m sure. Some molds can be difficult to bend because they are too thick. My pink chocolate was easy to make and didn’t break once. Since this first one, I’ve made feather river health center a few more and haven’t had any issues. I also received 3 mini hammers to smash the mold and 2 scrapers. The best part of the entire experience is smashing the chocolate heart mold. Make sure you get your adorable little hammers.

What size is a Chocolate Heart Mold?

This silicone mold set includes one large, diamond-shaped cake mold. It measures 21.5cm across, 20.5cm high, and 5.5cm deep. The mold also includes a 6-cavity 3-D heart-shaped mold measuring 22cm x 17cm x 2.2cm. A letter chocolate mold to represent alphabets and numbers is also included. It measures 25cm by 11cm by 1.5cm deep. It wouldn’t be complete without the adorable mold smashing hammer, which measures 14.1cm high by 4.2cm wide. Two droppers and a scraper are included for decorating your melted chocolate.

Chocolate heart mold Gift Ideas

These chocolate heart molds are great gifts for any occasion. This heart was pink for Valentine’s Day. You can also make this heart dark chocolate as a birthday gift, or green for St Patrick’s Day, or orange for Halloween.

It would be great to combine two colors, such as baby blue and pink. It could be used at a baby shower to reveal the gender. You can fill the heart with either pink or blue candy, depending on which gender you are using.

The mum and dad-to-be can then open the chocolate heart mold to reveal their bundle of joy. This silicone mold is limitless.

This mold will be used a lot by me this year. If you are a good friend, you might get a chocolate heart mold.

What is a Chocolate Mold Smash?

These chocolate heart mold smashes are when the shells of gifted chocolate hearts molds are broken open. They look almost encompass health columbia sc like easter eggs. A heart smashing is a celebration such as a baby shower, valentines anniversaries, or even a marriage proposal. Here is a clip from a Valentine’s heart smash that I enjoyed immensely.

What can you put in a made from breakable chocolate?

You can use a chocolate heart mold to amazing glazed make easter eggs, or any other container that is safe for food storage. You can also fill your chocolate mold with other small cakes or wrapped gifts, as well as chocolate-covered strawberries, such love food feed’s chocolate strawberry bouquet recipe. Your chocolate heart mold can be used as an edible serving bowl for breakables.