Top Personalized Skincare Brands

Today, there are a number of brands that are getting popular because of their unique idea and creative concepts that they are offering to their customers. For example, developing innovative in-stores that emphasis on quality at a low cost. Besides providing affordability for the customers, another trend has emerged in the past few years that has completely changed the beauty game. This refers to personalization and customization of beauty products. Now the world of beauty has realized that whether it is offering hair colors as a hair salon or skin care products as a beauty salon, all should be tailored as per individual’s needs. There is no as such concept of “one size fits all” can be implemented in this industry. So, why not find such brands that offer personalized skin care products. Following is the list of some of the amazing brands that are offering products using tech to help you find lipstick shades according to your skin tone, mixing conditioners and shampoos based on the ingredients that benefits your hair quality.

  • Function Of Beauty

You can get customized formula from this brand depending on the season. Now you can easily keep your hair moist when it is dry and can fight frizz when there is humidity. The products are vegan, cruelty-free and free of sulfates and parabens.


With a personalized mascara, Eyeko makes your eyes pop. This brand lets you select the mascara solution that is perfect for your lashes and you get both length and volume.

  • Prescriptives

This brand provides custom and unique formulas that will make you look fresh. It helps in boosting your natural beauty.

Why Go For This Brand?

  • Made from ingredients that are derived naturally
  • Adaptable cosmetics and skincare
  • The Buff

This brand comprises of more than 100 natural oils, so you can get an oil blend made for you according to your skin just by taking their quiz online.

  • eSalon

In this salon, you have your personal colorist who will create a personalized color for your hair and delivers it with directions to use at your doorstep. At this point, you may wonder, why I even paid a hefty amount to different salons before when I can get custom hair color with convenience. The color is made using wheat protein, keratin, and vitamin E that keeps your hair healthy.

  • Skin Inc

Skin Inc creates personalized serum for you that is not only free of scent and parabens, but can be added in foundations, moisturizers and mask. You can also reorder it again and again.

  • Clinique

Whether you want a gel or a lotion, Clinique is the place for you, as it allows you to select the right product for your dry and dull skin. The products are free of fragrances, phthalates and parabens.

So what are you waiting for? Why not try the above mentioned amazing brands and plan a proper skin care regime for yourself that is just made for you!