Top 10 Benefits of a Healthier Lifestyle

If you are like millions of Americans, your new year probably starts with goal-setting. For many of us, adopting a healthier lifestyle is high on that list of resolutions. Unfortunately, like many resolutions, trying to practice healthier habits may only last a few weeks or a few months before we are right back where we started from. Here are the Top 10 Benefits of a healthier lifestyle to help motivate you to try again!

10. You’ll learn to enjoy delicious foods again! Sometimes we spend so much time eating fast food that we forget what “real” food tastes like: your taste buds will come alive thanks to fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, and the zing of herbs and spices.

9. No more guilt: When we’re not eating and exercising as we should be, we operate under a constant cloud of guilt. When you do your very best to adopt a healthier lifestyle, you will have no need to feel guilty anymore.

8. You will enjoy shopping again: There’s nothing like finally being able to buy that dress or pair of slacks that you never would have looked good in before. When you adopt a healthy lifestyle, clothes simply fit better. Period.

7. Your skin will look younger, longer: Eating fresh foods and drinking plenty of water shows in the tone of your skin. Moist, healthy skin gained through proper nutrition will not get wrinkled or creased as soon as skin that isn’t being taken care of. Good nutrition also means stronger, healthier hair and nails.

6. You’ll get stares: for all the right reasons. If you’ve been overweight, you know that most of the stares coming your way have not been positive. When you look good and feel good, you’ll get the kinds of stares that will make you proud.

5. Lower health insurance premiums and medical expenses: People who live a healthy lifestyle generally require fewer doctor visits, pay lower health insurance premiums, and do not require as many prescription drugs.

4. You will be more likely to see your kids grow up, as well as your grandkids and maybe even your great-grandkids!

3. You will grow older with fewer health problems: All of want to grow old gracefully, and when you are eating right and exercising you are more likely to stay healthier longer and suffer fewer age-related problems.

2. Better overall quality of life: When you are lighter and feel better, you are able to do those things that make life enjoyable. Whether you love scuba diving, going to amusement parks, traveling, gardening, or just puttering around the house, when you’re in good health you can do all those things and more.

1. You are more likely to have better self-esteem, and enjoy greater overall happiness each and every day.