The 6 Best Hair Loss Products: The Most Effective Ingredients

Let’s face it, many of us have bought the “best hair restoration product” or the “must-have hair loss treatment”. They are now in the trash and have done nothing but drain our pockets. You won’t find the right product for you. This will save you money. To find a safe hair-restoration product that works, it is important to know what kind of hair loss you have and which ingredients are best to treat it.

These are the most important ingredients for safe hair restoration products. Some ingredients may not be found in every product.

Copper peptides

Copper peptides are ideal for hair growth. It acts as a natural skin healing agent, increasing the size of hair hair follicles, lengthening the hair growth phase, and blocking DHT. It is used to treat grey hairs and prevent hair from whitening.

The copper peptides reduce the time it takes to grow new hair. This is great news for people who have had hair replacement surgery, or lost their hair due to chemotherapy. This means that you can see new hair growth within 6 weeks.


Minoxidil is another topical hair-restoration treatment that can reverse baldness and promote hair growth. Minoxidil is very effective for people with androgenic hair loss, also known as male pattern orrogenic alopecia. It is best suited for smaller areas. You will be able to hear new whispers within a few months. This may seem like it’s a way to stop baldness. Minoxidil does not prevent male pattern baldness. Your hair will start to shrink and eventually die once you stop applying minoxidil. Minoxidil has been approved by the FDA and is therefore safe for hair restoration. Minoxidil is most often marketed as Rogaine/Regaine.

Minoxidil can be used in combination with copper peptides. Copper peptides transform fine hair into thicker and fuller hair. It also helps to reduce scalp inflammation and itching, which is often caused by minoxidil.

Finasteride, Dutasteride

Both of these ingredients are 5-alpha reductase inhibitors, meaning that they lower DHT levels. This improves the condition for male pattern baldness as well as promoting hair regrowth. Propecia is a brand name for Buy Finasteride in Canada, which has been approved by the FDA.

Attention: Only male hair restoration treatments can use finasteride or dutasteride. These ingredients should not be handled or used by women, particularly pregnant women. These ingredients can cause birth defects in male foetuses, and are harmful for male children.


This ingredient acts as an anti-fungal agent and 5-alpha reductase inhibitor, and stimulates hair growth. This ingredient should be found in shampoos. It should be applied topically to the scalp.


The scalp is cleansed with polysorbate-80, which removes any trace of DHT from your hair follicles. It increases blood flow and nutrients to hair follicles. This improves hair growth and thickens hair in 2-3 months.