Great Deals on the Wii Fit Bundle – Start Your Fitness Program Today With a Wii Fit Bundle

The Wii Fit bundle has been a huge success this past holiday season, another winning piece of the Nintendo Wii game console story. With the Wii as popular as ever, sales of the new Wii Fit shot up too, especially the Wii Fit bundle, which includes everything you need to get started with a home fitness routine. Now both adults and kids play with the Wii as an all-around home entertainment system.

A bundle is the answer to getting a complete package with everything you want and need. The bundle includes the Wii Fit system along with the controllers and games or workout videos you want. You save money too – by getting all the accessories in one neat package, you pay less than if you were to buy all of the accessories separately at retail prices. By buying a Wii Fit bundle you can save as much as 25-30% off the standard retail price of all the pieces if purchased separately!

Where’s the best place to find a Fit bundle? At your favorite online store is your best bet. Online stores tend to be able to keep items in stock longer, however this isn’t always true (Amazon and WalMart both had trouble over the holidays filling orders.) A bundle includes the Wii console plus games and other accessories such as the Wii Fit balance board – you can find a wide variety of combinations to suit any need. Plus, if you go to an online auction site like eBay, you’ll find literally thousands of items for sale, at prices below anything you’ll find at your local retail game or electronics stores.

Start by browsing through selections on auction sites, and compare prices to retail stores. Don’t forget to include everything the bundle includes, such as number of controllers and tax. As an example, here are just a few of the types of bundle deals online today:

– “One player” bundle – a Wii console, 1 controller, Wii Fit balance board and 1 game

– A Wii console, balance board, *plus* Mario Kart, multiple controllers and additional games

– The Wii console,  Fit balance board, with a Jillian Michaels workout video

– The Wii console, Fit plus Wii Music and multiple controllers

You can find practically any combination, with a huge selection and variety available (over 1,300 items today as of this writing).

If you want the best deal on the best combination in a Wii Fit bundle, be sure to start with the online auction sites!

Sue Calhoun writes about Nintendo game consoles and games all over the Web.

Why spend time shopping at stores that don’t have Wii Fit bundles in stock? Or why pay full price?