Read What The Egg Yolk Has to Tell About The Egg’s Quality

Healthy eating is essential to leading a balanced life and consuming nutritious food is our first priority when it comes to living healthily. When selecting food that will benefit our bodies and meet daily nutrient requirements, eating nutrient-rich food with an excellent quality rating should always be our number one goal – otherwise we run the risk of not getting the full range of essential vitamins and minerals in our daily meals.

Eggs are an integral part of our daily diets and considered one of the healthiest food sources available to us. Did you know that it’s possible to choose healthier eggs if you know a few secrets about Yolk? Discover which kind of egg provides more nutrients and how you can identify which one is more nutritive!

Different types of eggs:

The quality of an egg depends heavily upon its source bird. There are three varieties produced by healthy hens with high quality laying hens: farmer’s eggs, local grocery store egg and what you usually find at grocery stores.

How to identify the healthiest egg:

Evidently, egg hue is an indicator of their quality. Local market eggs typically feature yellow yolks; supermarket ones too; however, farmer-produced eggs usually boast yellow-tinged hues while the most nutritious varieties feature orange hues.

The reason behind the color difference of the Yolk:

The hues of chicken egg yolks vary based on their health status. Pasture-raised birds are the healthiest breed, as they enjoy an adequate diet and natural habitat that result in higher quality eggs.

What about the other eggs:

Simply stated, all eggs are equally nutritious; however, those from pasture-raised chickens have darker and orange yolks which provide additional nutritional benefits. That doesn’t mean other varieties of eggs don’t provide some benefits too; all are considered healthy; it just means darker and orange yolk eggs have proven themselves as being superior sources.

Now that you understand the many health advantages associated with healthy eggs, make sure when shopping for groceries to choose those containing healthy egg options.