Lifestyle Property in the Coromandel Peninsula, NZ

Are you in the real estate market for a lifestyle property block in the Coromandel Peninsula, NZ? Like most buyers you have been drawn to the warm climate, stunning swimming beaches, fantastic fishing, golden sands, dense native forests, beautiful ocean and subtropical coastline views that are all home to the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand.

The Coromandel Peninsula includes: Whitianga, Flaxmill Bay, Front Beach, Cooks Beach, Hahei, Hot Water Beach, Whenuakite, Coroglen, Kuaotunu, Opito, Matarangi, Simpsons Beach, Otama & Ferry Landing, which boast many spectacular lifestyle property blocks for sale. Buyers looking for a privately owned section with a tranquil environment, can rest assured of finding a piece of paradise in and around the Coromandel Peninsula.

Lifestyle property ownership in New Zealand is a popular scene amongst second home and prestige buyers. These home buyers generally have more capital behind them for down payments and closing costs, which new and first time home buyers cannot afford. The New Zealand real estate marketplace is subject to fluctuations in terms of properties for sale, prices, and buyer activity like other markets around the world. These are determined by outside forces such as the interest rate, inflation, the availability of homes in certain price brackets, and even the season.

If you are buying a section to build upon, it is advisable that you check out the Thames Coromandel District Council website and review the district plan section to make sure your proposed plans are within the Council’s guidelines and regulations. For even more of an incentive to purchase your own lifestyle property block in the Coromandel Peninsula of NZ, check out the Thames Coromandel District Council’s ‘Ten Year Plan’ which, encompasses all of the exciting initiatives and strategic plans hoped to be achieved and implemented by this Council over the next ten years.

There are dozens of attractions and winning factors that draw property buyers to the Coromandel Peninsula of NZ, which is also known as the birthplace of New Zealand. A few of these attractions include: the laidback style of living in combination with your workstyle, the nature rich surroundings offered by the Kauri native forests, bays and lakes ideal for hiking and bird watching. The subtropical climate equals lots of sunshine during summer with some of the warmest temperatures found across NZ. The region currently has a population base of 148,000 with around 17,500 businesses, providing the region with a steady economy.

Finding available sections for sale is easy. There are many real estate companies and agents online who specialise in the Coromandel Peninsula region of NZ. A simple internet search will present you with pages full of different companies to check out. Scroll through the ‘for sale’ listings across a few different websites to help develop an idea of the various lifestyle property sections available. Once you have an outline of the type of property you would like, get in touch with a few real estate agents to view and look for even more sections.