Golf Fitness – The Easiest at Home Golf Fitness Instruction Program

How do golf and fitness go together? Why do I need golf fitness training? What difference would a golf fitness program make to my golf game?

I can tell you all about that from what I have seen with my friend and golfing buddy, Dooley Duffer.

Dooley had been away from the game for some years. His career and family took priority over his time and golf, although he loved it, it just would not fit into his schedule. As he advanced in his career he became less physically active. He even moved to a management position so time in the office was nothing like the work he had been doing.

His body began to show his change in lifestyle. Don’t tell him I told you this, but his middle seemed to grow faster than his salary. Bet you know how that story goes, huh?

He had only played very occasionally during that time. So I don’t think he realized how much being out of shape affected his golf swing performance.

Then Dooley changed companies and began to play golf regularly again thanks to his new boss who had recently taken up the game. With his kids grown Dooley now had more time to devote to golf and it only took one round back on the course to re-ignite the passion which had burned so brightly in days gone by.

As he began to play more often his physical limitations became more and more of an issue. He struggled at times to finish a round; scores would escalate due to inconsistent swings, loss of concentration and general fatigue. He would even huff and puff when walking up hills in spite of always riding a cart. I can remember having to wait for him to catch his breath before he could putt on elevated greens. No chance he could walk when he played.

Then over a few weeks I began to notice improvement in Dooley’s game. Less and less of the struggles I had noticed before and more successful golf shots, better concentration and less fatigue. He even began saying he wanted to play an extra 9 holes!

You see, conditioning is critical to your overall golf performance. And poor physical conditioning will certainly ruin your golf performance. Just ask Dooley about that.

What was Dooley’s secret? Had he hired a golf fitness trainer? Did he use golf fitness videos? What had he done to improve his fitness for golf and his golf handicap?

Turns out he had not done any of those things exactly. He said he found this golf fitness eBook called “Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide” by Mike Pedersen. Seems Mike’s eBook is about how to improve your golf fitness at home in less than 30 days. Mike says that the secret to lower scores and longer drives is all about getting your body to move just a little bit better.

Dooley said that he took the advice seriously and began to feel results quickly. He began to notice he felt better on the course. That was very encouraging to him and he was able to keep at it. He had tried exercising before but soon lost interest but this was different. He could see improvement and he knew why! The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide had delivered on its promise. Dooley says this is the kind of thing anyone could and should do from home to improve their fitness for golf.

Having watched Dooley now for these past few months make such wonderful progress, I too can recommend “Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide”. (Yes, I am on it now too.)

If you need help with your golf fitness program, if you run short of breath at times or struggle scoring over the last few holes of a round then please look into how “The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide” could help you see the same kind of improvement Dooley is experiencing.